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The Complete Program is designed for organizations who want a comprehensive solution with all of the training, consulting, guidance, and documentation development assistance to achieve registration in a timely and effective manner. With the Complete Program our consultants will have the time to take your organization beyond just registration. We will analyze your processes, suggest changes, and ensure a successful project. In the Complete Program we are able to take the time to develop all of the processes/procedures that relate to your management system – not just the minimum required by the standard. The Complete Program is a great option for any organization looking to make the most of their registration effort and want to make sure they don’t “just” achieve registration. It is especially appropriate for organizations with unique situations that would benefit from the extra assistance provided.

Program Phases and Timeline

All of our programs are based upon the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) concept of change management and improvement. We utilize these concepts to define the Phases of the program and ensure its effectiveness.

The following timeline assumes a reasonable project place that is manageable. In some cases doe to complexity or internal resources to complete some tasks, the project may extend beyond 5 months. However, with the Complete Program all support is provided until registration is achieved, regardless of the number of months.

Chart of program timeline

Optional Items

The following items are recommended for the Complete Program, but are not necessary for all organizations and therefore are offered as options. Selecting the Complete Program without these options is also a good way to save on overall costs, but still get the benefits of the program.

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“We couldn’t have achieved what we did, and in the time we did it without Clydesdale. Our consultant came in with an honest and thorough approach to both our business and our goals and was extremely personable, accessible and reliable. We are still reaping the rewards of his work with our company.”

—William Laing, Radiation Detection Company

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