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Balanced Approach

We look out for your long-term success

Getting registered quickly can be important, but most important is that your management system works for you and you don’t end up working for it.

Several year ago we assisted a company in achieving ISO 9001 registration in 5 weeks. It was an unusual circumstance and for business reasons they had to get registered immediately. So, we can help you move that fast, but unless you have unusual circumstances we don’t recommend it. You need to take the time to carefully design your management system and consider how you really want to operate. If inefficiencies are designed in from the beginning (accidentally) they can be expensive and time consuming to root out in the future. That does not mean that you should not prioritize a registration project – you should. Moving quickly ensures that actual practices do not change between documentation development and implementation. What you need is balance.

Our programs are designed to move quickly and efficiently and with time built in to do things right. Let us help you find the right balance.

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