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We take the time to create a management system that is meaningful to your organization – and also happens to be “ISO” compliant.

Achieving “compliance” is often not difficult to do – on paper. Many organizations begin with “ISO Templates” which provide the required manuals and procedures, but no more. They are the lowest common denominator and rarely, if ever, reflect the actual practices within an organization. Such systems end up running parallel to reality. Meaning there is the “ISO” process and then there is the “Real” process. Organizations with these systems tend to do a lot of clean-up and preparation before any audit to make sure that it looks like the ISO system is the Real system.

Conversely, if you custom develop documentation to meet an organizations Real processes, they you end up with a system that has meaning and serves to benefit the organization – and is ISO compliant. These are they systems that last. They are not “ISO” programs, but true management systems.

Developing/documenting a management system presents a unique opportunity to question practices and decide how you want to operate. “ISO” standards are tools that can provide guidance and structure, but in the end it is the careful consideration of your internal practices and the thoughtful documentation of those practices that will add the most value to your organization.

Let us ensure that you make the most of this unique opportunity!

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