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Registration Audit Attendance

Registration Audit Attendance Chart

Don’t get lost in translation

You are well versed in your management system and the auditor is well versed in the standard. This can lead to frustrating misunderstandings. We understand the standard and your management system and can therefore translate, guide, and explain on your behalf.

For most International Standards there is a two-step registration process. First is the Stage 1 Audit where the Registrar will visit the facility to determine readiness. The next step is the Stage 2 audit, commonly called the “Registration Audit”, where compliance to the applicable standard is formally evaluated.

Stage 1 Audit

This will likely be the first time you will meet the auditor and it is therefore your opportunity to set the tone for a successful Stage 2 audit. During the Stage 1 audit you will be able to explain the structure, complexity, and uniqueness of your management system. Because this is not a formal assessment we have the ability to assist you in putting your best foot forward. We can explain any unique feature of your management system and why certain choices were made. We can interpret questions based on the standard (such as, "how do you address Section 4.2.3.a?") enabling you to give the auditor the information that they need.

Also, if there are any areas where the registrar is concerned with the structure or approach, we will be able to either explain why the chosen path is legitimate or determine the best way to address any changes.

Attendance at the Stage 1 audit is optional in all of our programs.

Stage 2 Audit

Because the Stage 2 audit is a formal assessment, only your personnel are allowed to directly answer questions. Therefore we cannot participate in the audit formally as we can in the Stage 1 audit. However, we can still interpret questions and answers so that both you and the auditor understand each other, give helpful hints, and work in the background to ensure a successful audit.

Attendance at the Stage 2 audit is optional in all of our programs.

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