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Readiness Review

Readiness Review Chart

Measure twice, cut once

Before you launch your new management system or call in the registrar, we will review your system to ensure everything is in place and there will be no surprises.

A Readiness Review is essentially a second Gap Analysis that verifies that the Management System developed during the project is compliant with the relevant standard as well as industry best practices. There are two phases to the Readiness Review. The first is after documentation is developed and the second is just prior to the Stage 1 audit.

Phase 1

After you have developed your management system documentation we will a review your documentation (and utilize phone consultations, as needed) and then provide you with a report that will include the following:

  • Detailed information about how you comply or do not comply with each requirement and in context with the original Gap Analysis.
  • Recommendations on actions to take to address any compliance gaps found.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement based upon our experience and industry best practices.
  • Identification and suggestions for corrections to document format, wording, and level of detail.
Phase 2

After you have completed your Internal Audits and Management Review we will review the related documents and additional information in order to ensure you are properly prepared for the Stage 1 audit. After this review we will prepare a report with recommendations on any additional actions or improvements to take.

The readiness review is an optional item in the Supported and Enhanced Programs, and is not applicable to the Complete Program.

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