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Internal Audit Training

Training at your facility

By performing the training at your facility we are able to give your team experience with real audits.

Get everything you need to be successful

As part of the course we will customize and provide you all of the documents your team needs. That includes an Internal Audit procedure, report, and checklists.

Flexible Options – From training to full service auditing

We will customize our offerings to meet the needs of your management system and budget.

If you choose to perform the Internal Audits with your own personnel, you will need to ensure that your audit team is properly trained. Many companies send their Internal Auditors to Lead Auditor Courses. These courses are generally expensive and moreover teach you how to audit another company. The methods and tools for auditing your own company are very different.

In our two-day course we will provide your Internal Auditors with the skills and tools they need to be effective from their very first audit. We will provide you with an audit philosophy, a procedure, checklists, and schedule to get your program moving right away.

Importantly, our audit course helps your auditors understand the meaning of the standard, not just the written rule. This will enable them to find their way through the gray areas and provide value to your Management System, beyond just being "problem finders".

We also make sure that your auditors understand that their role is not punitive. They are not the “ISO Police”. The Internal Auditor’s role is both Teacher and Student. They ensure that your personnel understand all applicable requirements and they learn what works well in your organization so that the positive practices can spread and thrive while the less desirable practices are highlighted for change.

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