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Internal Audit Service

Get actionable information – not just a list of non-conformances

We are not a registrar! We will not only assess your system for compliance and improvement opportunities, but we will give you recommendations on actions to take so that you can resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Flexible Options – We can be part of your Audit Team or run your Audit Program

Many of our clients have us perform all of their audits to ensure that they get a thorough assessment of their management system, but others have us perform just a few audits where they need to ensure auditor independence.

  • Auditor turnover (which makes the completion of audits difficult and requires regular training of new personnel)
  • Lack of resources (personnel do not have time to conduct the audits – or to conduct them thoroughly)
  • Lack of independence (where it is difficult to ensure that auditors are not auditing their own process/work and/or where personnel do not feel free within the organization to identify problems)
  • Desire for outside review (an outside party can often see problems and opportunities easier than internal personnel can)

Whatever the reason, an externally conducted Internal Audit is an effective way to ensure a comprehensive audit is performed. When Clydesdale performs audits we are able to not only verify compliance, but also to identify issues and/or improvements that are difficult to see from inside the organization. We are also in the position to be able to make recommendations of action to take and we will provide examples and support/guidance to resolve any issues and to achieve any suggested improvements.

“Clydesdale's Internal Audit Services helps us maintain our registration with ease.”

—Steve Dilden, Hitachi Transport

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