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Gap Analysis

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Learn Where You Stand

Before you begin a registration project it is important to know your level of compliance. From there you can accurately determine the resources needed and put together a detailed plan for registration.

Get actionable information – not just a list of non-conformances

You already know that there are gaps in your system. We will not only clearly identify them for you, but we will also provide specific recommendations to jump start your registration efforts.

You have options

We can perform a Gap Analysis onsite or offsite and as part of one of our registration programs or as a stand-alone service so you can get only as much support as you need.

In order to successfully and efficiently achieve registration you must first know where you stand. This means clearly understanding the requirements of the standard you are seeking registration to as well how compliant your current management system is. A well done Gap Analysis will provide this to you.

A Gap Analysis is included in the Supported and Enhanced Programs, but can also be performed as a stand-alone project.

During the Gap Analysis we will evaluate your current management system and compare your current practices to the applicable standard as well as best management practices. Based upon that analysis we will provide you a report that includes:

  • Detailed information about how you comply or do not comply with each requirement.
  • Identification of requirements that do not apply to you and/or to which you can take exception. (This will ensure you keep the management system compact and manageable.)
  • Recommendations on actions to take to address any compliance gaps found.
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement based upon our experience and industry best practices.

Each organization is unique and therefore the requirements of a given standard can be applied in many different ways. Organizations can often interpret the standard in such a way that the resulting Management System becomes an administrative headache, at a minimum, and an impediment to success in the worst of cases. Our Gap Analysis report will ensure that you do not make these mistakes because we will provide you with clear explanations and recommendations for you to implement and be successful.

“I don't have to be an ISO expert to successfully maintain and expand the program that Clydesdale helped us put in place.”

—Aaron Gross, RND Enterprises

Onsite or Offsite?

An offsite Gap Analysis relies more heavily on electronic documentation with some phone calls and web meetings, when appropriate, to gather the information needed. This is generally sufficient for organizations that are relatively straightforward in structure, where documentation is generally electronic, and where the physical components of the management system (e.g. work flow, labeling, and/or organization) are not critical. The more complex the organization, lack of electronic documentation, or where the physical nature of the organization is critical, the more it would benefit from an onsite Gap Analysis.

An onsite Gap Analysis enables our consultants to evaluate physical issues, review additional records (especially those that are only accessible/reviewable at your facility such as paper records), and speak with more personnel than is typically possible when the Gap Analysis is performed offsite. The result of the onsite Gap Analysis can therefore be more comprehensive and more specific which will make the implementation of the project more efficient and effective.

The Supported program includes an offsite Gap Analysis with an onsite option. The Enhanced Program includes an onsite Gap Analysis in order to gather the information necessary for the Customized Registration Plan. If you are looking to have a Gap Analysis performed as a stand-alone project we will work with you to determine which option is best for your circumstances.

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